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11-16-2012, 05:23 PM
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Making the players "desperate" in the hope they will capitulate doesn't seem like the move of a stupid person. If you don't feel the other side is offering anything, which the league doesn't believe the union is doing (same offer five times), then why not get into their heads and hope the players start to crack?

The players cracking is how this thing end regardless, that's why it's so stupid. Owners are wealthy due to interests outside of hockey while the players are rich--a portion anyways--from playing hockey. Who needs who more? Fehr has been able to get the league to somewhat negotiate against itself but there is going to be a point where Fehr crosses the Rubicon and blows everything. He's at the craps table right now; he needs to know when to walk away while he's up because, at a certain point, they will get crushed.

As for the earlier post mentioning the use of "K" instead of "M", I'm an underwriter and use "M" to reperesent thousands and "MM" for millions. It's how we roll.

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