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11-16-2012, 05:34 PM
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During a Q & A makes a scary prediction about Datsyuk

Some of us have feared this. Datsyuk's latest comments about missing Detroit, I took as a positive. But Ansar dropped this in a recent Q & A.

Q. I heard several “experts'' predict in September the lockout would end early to mid-December. What is your opinion on when we will see hockey again? Also, I read your report on Pavel Datsyuk and you asked if Pav would be back after his contract expires. I don't believe he will, I think he will return to Russia, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. What do you think Pav will do? --Ben.

A. Your guess on when the lockout will end is as good as mine. I am surprised it has lasted this long. Heading into this mess, I really thought they would be playing by Christmas. They still might get it settled in time to start up in December, but I doubt it. If the season is salvaged I think it would start in January. That's what happened in 1995, when they played a 48-game season.

I share your opinion on Datsyuk's future. I have a feeling he will finish his career in Russia after his contract expires in 2013-14. But, that's just pure speculation on my part. Datsyuk keeps his cards close to the vest.
Rest of the Questions mostly lockout related:

We know it is a possability, but it does worry me that someone like Khan truly believes this.

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