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11-16-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post

That might be one of the best first posts - throwing down a PBH mention. It was no RHI but what was?
For me PBH was the highlights of my summers as a kid, I loved it! Along with nfl films season recap of every nfl team, each day was a new team and would end with the super bowl champions. Man, that was the hay day of ESPN. Now they just are the the second NFL network on my tv.

Back on topic, I followed PBH even more so than the NHL. At the time I was too young too know anything about the North Stars and the Wild were a few years away. At the time I was a Avs fan. It hurts me to said that so much! Mainly because of the rivals with Detroit and Dallas.

Enough with talking about PBH. Go Aeros! Im going to catch a steam if there is one. Kinda tuned out since granlund and brodin got hurt. Also because I live in PA and my college channels is only airing like 1 hour of the gopher game! WTF is up with that!

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