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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Actually, I have to disagree with this! While I don't agree with "tanking", Tambellini has a set plan in place which is to draft the best players and hope it pans out, I don't necessairly agree with it but in Edmonton's case its the best option because of an inability to draw in big name free agents. Burke on the other hand really doesn't have any plan in place, he's all over the map with his ideas, one minute its a rebuild the next its a push for the playoffs, say what you want about Tambellini but the man has a goal, so does Burke I suppose but there methods are night and day IMO.
This has everything to do with perception. Tambellini's goal is laughable. Lose to win. Somehow that's seen as an amazing feat of building a team. It's not hard to draft the best player in a draft when you're picking first. Look at all his other moves outside those three first round picks. Very questionable. No trades worth speaking of. No big signings outside Schultz. His plan isn't much of a plan at all.

Burke on the other hand has had two separate plans. It's not his fault that people have ignored those plans.

Burke's original plan was a quick rebuild. That clearly didn't work out. So he switched gears to a rebuild. Trading Versteeg and Kaberle for picks was the first indication of this. Then going after Gardiner in the Beauchemin trade. That was the second sign of things.

People with the idea that Burke doesn't have a plan are stuck in the idea that rebuilding must include tanking or a fire sale of every piece worth something. This isn't the case is a sign of antiquated thinking. Burke is doing a fine job of building the Leafs prospects up and establishing a young core on the big team.

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