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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
He's been very busy crafting a response to Mr. Weirs open letter.
Seems like a lifetime ago then candidate for Mayor Jerry (another frikin Jerry) Weiers sent & published that invitation to Jamison huh?...

we didnt discuss it here on hf, but apparently during the runup to the election, now defeated candidate Manny Cruz had somehow obtained some video surveillance footage from the State Capital buildings that showed then District Representative Weiers backing his SUV up to a huge concrete planter that was being used to block off a roadway, tying a big rope around it and hauling it off to the side, when no one was around, lookin at him like.

Sort of thing youd expect to see Frat Boys or Engineering Students pull. Maybe some drunken Redneck looking for a free tree and 1 ton planter to spruce up the outside of his trailer thats parked at the bottom of an abandoned gravel pit a few miles outside of Yuma. Anyway, Jerry's explanation was that he did it so's he could drive his Harley in closer to his office and keep an eye on it. Footage can be found on Fox Phoenix, or just google it.... and just had to laugh at Manny Cruz; "the people of Glendale need to know about this mans temperament" yadda yadda yadda. This "new" Jerry looks like he's more than capable of providing quite a bit of entertainment for one and all.

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