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11-16-2012, 05:56 PM
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Update on the home buying/selling.

Our buyers were kinda backed into a corner, cuz their window to back out had passed, plus there was verbiage in the contract explicitly stating that since we came down so much on price already we weren't taking anything else off or doing any work based on what happened during the inspection. Technically they could have backed out based on the radon results, but they waited too long and now they have no recourse as far as I know. So they got a quote for it that was 1200, we found a guy that will do it for 950, so they're using our guy and paying themselves. WIN!

As far as our future house, it's still just flat ground at the moment. We got an updated P&S from the builder's attorneys today and there's tons of stuff that doesn't add up. I have a ton of questions I need cleared up before I sign, such as who pays for light fixtures, bath/kitchen fixtures, is there a specific $ amount for an appliance allowance or are they included, does that include washer and dryer, will HVAC be supplied to the finished basement, and just some general questions about subfloors (upstairs and in the cellar) and the water proofing/vapor barriers in the cellar. The contract mentions almost all of it, but it's extremely vague and some of it is completely opposite (in some cases for the better, some for the worse) of what we were told in the recent past. We shall see!

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