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11-16-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
I know this topic of someone looking for something Sens related comes up often, and I had a request myself so I figured I would make a thread that can be bumped for future requests.

But anyways, I was looking to online to see if I could find a 1995 (the black with white stripes) Chris Phillips jersey (Redden or Alfredsson would be okay too, but I would prefer Phillips) however the only one I could find was Yashin
A 1995 Chris Phillips jersey?
I assume you're talking about a 1997 Phillips jersey, seeing as how that was his rookie year. Wow, I hope someone on your end got fired over that one...

... seriously though, your best bet is probably doing this in two steps:
1) find the Sens black/white/red jersey
2) Take it somewhere to get it crested with Phillips.
3) remember: if you're doing a TRUE rookie jersey, Phillips wore #5, NOT #4:

... good luck!

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