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11-16-2012, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
That hole "need to hit in the 2 hole" stuff is BS.

Some reporter asked Colby why he thought he was on a hot streak in like early June... and he said he liked hitting in the two hole because it helped him get up early in the game and clear his head.

Really blown out of proportion... Colby has done absolutely NOTHING to warrant people thinking he's a bad teammate or clubhouse guy.

He's quiet and goes about his business, seems like the guys on the team really like him, he's just not the guy running around looking happy go lucky like JPA or super serious like Lawrie, so people don't identify.
Your correct, he is a quiet guy, goes about his own business and people like him in the clubhouse.

Now ask yourself this, should it matter where he hits or where he THINKS he should hit? If you ask me, you do what is best for the team. Ya he likes batting second cause he sees the action first. But just for that reasoning shouldn't make/not make you a better hitter.

And I'm a huge Colby fan FYI.

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