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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
The problem is likely, IMO, that the KHL tends to play a much more system orientated game. Everything is about flow, puck control, lots of "east-west" play out there. With the bigger ice it is extra important you stick to your positioning, since if you don't there is lots of room for the opponent to exploit. Kane's low hockey IQ does not suit him well to this type of game, he is more of a me first explosive balls to the wall player, not suited to the patient passing and set up game it takes to succeed on the big ice. I did think his skating would help him overcome that somewhat, but too much NA mentality in him I guess. Nothing wrong with that, he will continue to be successful in the NHL with his play, he is designed for it. Just like Ricky Williams not able to stick in CFL, but long long successful NFL career since he was designed for that type of game.
Great point. He is perfectly suited to the small ice of the NHL. His failure on big ice may cost him any opportunity at a spot on an Olympic hockey team assuming NHL'ers play in the Olympics in the future.

He may play in the Olympics on a smaller ice surface. Years from now.

It is disappointing that he couldn't adapt. Oh well it is fun watching him skate straight up and down the ice running the net and shooting from poor angles with no one in front or driving the net. that is his game!

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