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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well, the opposite is true. Dana White had to cancel UFC 151 once Henderson got injured (and Jones refused to fight Sonnen on short notice) because the card was so thin.
And that's where Dana White really shows his true colors (not that it was tough to see them). He will then blame Jones and his coach Greg Jackson for the cancellation of the PPV, because they refused the Sonnen fight. But all Jackson actually did, being the good coach that he is, is give his athlete a very poised and smart advice. Sonnen comes in after losing to A.Silva, gets a title shot, has absolutely nothing to lose. Jones, who prepared for a different fighter, puts everything on the line, for what?
It's not his fault the UFC made the card so thin that the other fights attract very little attention. White however, pissed because Jones refused and so won't make as much cash, called him out on it.

Keep in mind, more events also mean more difficulty finding replacement fighters for PPVs as they're busy fighting in the other events.

If you stack a card with 2 or 3 big fights (title or contender, or at the very least big marketable names) then if you need to cancel one of them, the show can go on. You have to be extremely unlucky to see three of big fights canceled because at least 3 fighters fighting in them got injured.

With the talent the UFC holds, Dana White could just do a PPV per month, with his show TUF, and have great cards. But he doesn't want that, he wants the mainstream and more cash, so Versus needs one, so does FX and Fox.

There's a lot more chances of a card being canceled when you only have one good fight on it, as opposed to 3.
True, Dana acted like a complete ****** with all the mouth flapping and finger pointing at Jones. I was kind of disappointed that Jones refused Sonnen, mainly because I truly didn't feel Sonnen posed much of a threat, but to be fair, he may have had an outside shot against a fighter who prepared for someone completely different.

Dana was worried about the cash, not the fans, not Sonnen and certainly not Jones. The more he talked, the more I respected Jones' decision. White was way over the line dogging his number 1 talent the way he did. Really bush league.

I like my UFC's twice a month, call me selfish, call me whatever, I don't enjoy waiting 3 months for a ppv. Where we do agree is that tuf is basically done, it's already been done imo.

BTW: I went to school with Ryan the real Jimmo. He was a decent guy back then and although I don't think he has the skills to be a legitimate contender, it was still very exciting to see his 7 second knockout.

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