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Originally Posted by Hockey Duckie View Post
I don't where to put this, but since it pertains to Kerdiles somewhat I'll put it here. A UCLA five star rookie player was re-instated to play to miss only 10% of the games played.

"According to the facts of the case, which were agreed upon by the university and the NCAA staff, Muhammad accepted travel and lodging during unofficial visits to member schools. NCAA rules, which member schools create, state that student-athletes cannot receive benefits based on their athletic ability. NCAA amateurism rules are in place so that when student-athletes step onto the court, they are competing against other student-athletes who have met the same standards. "

So ummm...I thought Kerdiles' situation was much weaker than this, but he's supposed to miss about a third of his games? Did I miss something here?
There were a few issues regarding Muhammad's suspension. The main issue was a family friend paid for a couple of his unofficial visits to Duke and North Carolina. Before he paid for those visits he contacted both schools to make sure it was alright and was told so. After he made it clear he wasn't going to Duke the NCAA got a complaint and got involved. According to the rules he should have never been suspended for this though, since all the proper forms were filled out.

Also there are reports that the boyfriend of one of the lawyers was overheard on a flight years ago talking about the case. He stated that they were going to suspend him no matter what because they were sure he was dirty. It didn't matter if they had the evidence or not. The person who overheard this sent out emails and signed an affidavit about it well before he was trouble with the NCAA so it painted them in a corner.

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