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11-16-2012, 06:47 PM
David Krejci*
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So I guess if you want to score, just completely forget about any kind of hockey sense or smart play, just get a semi fast guy and jam the speed burst down the wing and go right around the idiotic ai defenseman who for some reason will step up at his own blue line or in his own zone, even when your strategy is all the way defensive. I got annoyed at idiots doing this to me, so I tried it, instead of playing realistically and setting plays up like I usually do (which is also impossible due to the beyond pitiful AI's positioning), and I scored 5 straight goals on 5 tries doing this, bam bam bam bam bam. This game ****ing sucks.

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Not sure if anyone else still has this problem, but for the first time, all my games started counting as loses, my goalie wont become unfatigued, training doesn't wear off, etc. I tried rotating my goalies, switching them in and out of the collection and whatever else I could think of but still doesn't change anything. It's been happening for at least the past 10, 15 games and playing is becoming pointless. Did EA ever come up with a fix?
There's no fix, you just have to wait it out. People tried telling me to clear my cache, send my whole roster to my collection/trade pile and back, and I tried all of them and nothing worked. After 2 days it just fixed itself randomly. Pretty annoying, but at least your contracts aren't being effected.