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11-16-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Brody View Post
Oh god, you're trying so hard to be funny with that comment, its not funny at all. Use your brain please.

The "gut" has a design on it, and is not the same colour as his shirt. The design and colour of said, "gut" match that of the carpet. The blue is his jeans, but no, that is not his gut resting on his legs, he's not Byfuglien. His real stomach is covered by the chair and you cannot see it, though I'm sure you already knew this but tried to make a "funny" thread, when really it is quite pathetic and a waste of a spot on the Leafs board. Good try though, I mean really, you fooled some of the more naive people.
why u so mad tho?

Originally Posted by Jerkini View Post
Anyone looking at the carpet and calling it his stomach is an idiot. His shirt IS covering his stomach, but it still is pretty damn chubby underneath the shirt. That's what I thought the post was about.
lol omg I get what they are saying now. I wasnt talking about that part like his stomach was hanging out. ahahaha

but yes thats what the post was about.. anyone who thought otherwise is an idiot

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