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Originally Posted by Stansfield View Post
Could someone tell me how they know of Josh Brittain,Steven Delisle, Stephen Baby, Brady Greco, Eric Pineault or John Stumbleton.

I only know of Campbell from playing with LA in EA sports NHL games for years.
Started in the summer of 2005. Created a wordpad document, put the team logos in there, and started to write in the names that the teams signed. Gave the players in the document overall ratings and started to edit them in NHL 06. Would then update the document for each signing/trade, and the ratings a few times as the season progressed. Been doing these documents ever since, but it's a lot easier now with capgeek. I'm pretty sure it didn't exist back then, or at least I wasn't familiar with it.

That, plus good name memory. I can't name a whole lot of career minor league players from previous years just on top of my head, but if someone mentions Noah Babin, or I go back to my 08/09 document, I will recognize the name. He had a contract with Carolina at the time. Not that I could tell you anything about him though, other than that he played defense.

I was 15 then. I kept doing it because it was a good way of remembering/learning stuff, and I'd thought the documents would be fun to look at in the future. Now I'm so used to making them, it doesn't take nearly as much time as one might think. It's not as crazy as it sounds.

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