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11-16-2012, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by SidTheKid8787 View Post
I'd argue that the structure the league has built is flawed.
Revenues rising is great but the system is to blame if over half the teams are losing money and thats not the players fault. Rising salaries isn't the players fault either.

As everyone points out players aren't economic majors whereas the league and the billionaires are supposed to be. It's the reason they get so pissed when the league keeps coming back to them to fix problems. It's the reason Kelly was ousted for guy like Fehr.

The players may cut their loses at some point. They know the history. They know the league has the hammer and they know what awaits them. But they won't go down without expressing thier concerns to some degree.
That makes perfect sense, and you can bet the location of franchises that are struggling are a major issue with the league and the owners, but they will never go public with different when someone in the media calls out a goalie for a loss, and the team denies it and says they lost the game in front of him...never go public and bury him...

All of this BS has been too much about egos and winning...both Fehr and Bettman better be gone before the next CBA comes in...

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