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Originally Posted by bruinsfan46 View Post
If you can't put it together that height is an advantage in the NHL then you can't really be argued with. It's not rocket science but it is confusing you.
Height has so little bearing on his level of success it borders on stupid. If he was a shrimp, perhaps. He is not. He is at or above average in virtually every meaningful attribute. It's not rocket science but it is confusing you.

For your consumption, over the past 30 years, only 5 times has the Norris winner been taller than Reilly is at 18. In addition, only 9 times has that person weighed more than Reilly does at 18. I'd be willing to bet his weight will go up from where he is at 18. Athletic weight means far more than height. There's a reason sports break classes by weight and not height. Add to this the fact he was a top finisher in several strength classes amongst his peers at combine. Then add being considered such a high pick despite basically not playing for the season. It really is beyond ridiculous how little of a role height will play in his success.

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