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11-16-2012, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by blankall View Post
Kovalchuk is only 29. His "retirement" years start at 36. It's likely he may decline for the last 2 years before this. However, a declining Kovalchuk is still likely to put up 50-65 points a year. It's not the end of the world to pay too much for a player of that calibre. Especially if you've already received 4-5 years of PPG play.

Goalies, on the other hand, who decline are a total dead weight to their team. You cannot have a starting goalie who is not playing at their peak. If he lets in 1 more goal a night on 30 shots, you are sunk. Luongo is 33 now and his retirement years do not start unti 39.

Another issue is that Kovalchuk is Russian. The KHL will match or exceed his NHL salary at anytime, and he is likely to go there if things go sour here. Luongo is not Russian.
Kind of hypocritical that Luongo's contract gets criticism and skepticism on the basis of his age, in a NJ thread
I recognize your point and agree with it, but Luongo could easily be a valuable asset to a team into his late 30s, and possibly be a great backup veteran in his early 40s. Time will tell though.

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