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Originally Posted by kanuck87 View Post
How much deeper into perspective do you want to look into? Loria pretty much destroyed baseball in that city. They are never going to forgive him for swindling them out of a ballpark, then pulling the plug on the team so early in the season. More importantly, the team will never get anymore attractive free agents, no matter how much money is thrown at them. The team will likely never be good again, and Loria will blame it on the fans, and he'll say it with a straight face.
Its not the first time, and it probably wont be the last. Marlin fans have nobody to blame but themselves if they believe anything Loria says.
Originally Posted by kanuck87 View Post
You just can't put the Marlins on the winners list due to the circumstances involved. Just because they did what they wanted to do, doesnt mean they did it well. They tore the team apart on no reasonable grounds. It doesn't matter if the team came in last. If Loria was serious about competing, he would keep trying, but we probably all gave him too much credit.
They were a last place team with a huge payroll. You cannot blame them for trading away the talent in lieu of financial responsability. Loria has a bottom line, and just like any businessman, did what he had to do. You cant blame him, its his team. He can do what he wants and theres nothing anybody can do about. Is it wrong, sure. But if he needs to lower payroll at the expense of his ball club, a ball club with a new stadium that nobody wanted to see, you cant blame him for looking out for his own best interests.

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