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11-16-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Ference the Finger View Post
BK Fries are WAAAAY better!
You're out of your right mind.

Originally Posted by chuckdobbins View Post
As long as it's fair, I don't focus in PTO nearly as much as I look at insurance and other perks. For example, a lot of places in Boston offer discounted MBTA passes AND they're taken out pre-tax. May not sound all that cool, but for those using the commuter rail it can mean a difference between 300 and 200, or even less!
Not to pee on your parade...

There's a maximum per month that your employer can deduct pre-tax for public transportation ($125). Any paycheck contributions made to a T pass after $125 is deducted post-tax.

In addition, you can deduct public transportation on your taxes, up to the max of $1,500 annually. There is no tax benefit available from ordering a pass through a corporate program or a Section 132 plan (FSA) that you can't get when doing your own taxes.

Obviously an employer contribution is a huge benefits, if you have an employer that discounts the cost -- but that's increasingly rare. Also, the convenience of having it withheld from your paycheck and earmarked for a pass is nice, especially if you get your pass directly through work or via a debit card that's pre-loaded with your FSA contributions.

I just feel like the pre-tax benefit that companies try to sell is a farce. It pisses me off.

And that's your nerdy HR moment for the day.

ETA: don't discount PTO, even if you don't have the opportunity to take much time over the year. You can usually cash it out when you leave the job, so thats $$ in your pocket.

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