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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Its not the first time, and it probably wont be the last. Marlin fans have nobody to blame but themselves if they believe anything Loria says.

They were a last place team with a huge payroll. You cannot blame them for trading away the talent in lieu of financial responsability. Loria has a bottom line, and just like any businessman, did what he had to do. You cant blame him, its his team. He can do what he wants and theres nothing anybody can do about. Is it wrong, sure. But if he needs to lower payroll at the expense of his ball club, a ball club with a new stadium that nobody wanted to see, you cant blame him for looking out for his own best interests.
You don't seem to grasp the magnitude of these moves.

And no matter how many more wins these moves gives the Jays, the fact is that they improved their team. How long should they wait for the Yankees and Sox to stop spending, or for the Orioles/Rays young teams to start getting old? Your view that it's not the right time to start being competitive, but when is the right time????? Under your perspective, they shouldn't even bother at all. They mind as well relocate to the west.

A team tries to win, and you criticize them. Another team purposely tanks, and you laud them. I hope that's not the way you would run your own business, because under most if not nearly every other situation, ruining your product into the ground is the worst way to run a business.

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