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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
And Gose was the second-ranked prospect on the club coming into the season. The only reason he's not listed on that list is because he was actually hitting in the majors.

You know, the goal of any prospect. He was good enough to be promoted this season at a very young age for a toolsy outfielder.

He's a better prospect than Marisnick by most measures, particularly after Jake's ****** 2012 campaign when he struck out far too much, had a low batting average, and struggled to make contact. He's a very good prospect, but he's far from a polished product and still has a high bust threshold (like most baseball prospects).

"Elite", in your words, prospects just dont fall of the proverbial cliff when it comes to their very own team. Now, this could have been some sort of short sightedness on BBA's part, but I highly doubt an "Elite" prospect suddenly free falls without any sort of reason as to why. While Marisnick, the number two ranked prospect on the just released Jays top ten, an "Elite" five tool prospect, gets shafted when BBA has him ranked as the second best prospect? Something seems a bit strange over certain evaluations of the players who were traded, or the over rating of certain prospects who dont even rank in the top 10. Confusing, to say the least.
Elite in the words of any prospect evaluator who has ever seen him. Elite in that he was good enough to be a first round pick. Elite in that he was able to log some reasonable at-bats in the majors by his twenty first birthday. Elite by most measures and improving in the one area where he doesn't have at least a 70/80 skill-set (power, which is budding).

The fact that you didn't even know such an obvious reason for why Gose wasn't listed after he "graduated" from the rankings just proves how little you know about the Blue Jays organization. You honestly should stop embarrassing yourself here because this is getting pathetic.

I'll address the rest of your ignorance after I finish watching Lincoln.

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