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11-16-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by p.l.f. View Post
here we all were trying to figure out who hits #2 (before getting melky)
now thats taken care of
now we're figuring ok who bats #5
i bet that gets taken care of soon too

if you're going for it , best to have big name players hitting #2 and #5
if JB gets hurt there's no one besides EE to count on for 25+ hr/90+ rbis
and that would suck

just like it would suck if one of the top 4 starters got hurt or romero still sucks
then we're down to 3 quality starters
so best to get another proven starter at least - preferably a good 3-4 starter
now if he demands his 30 starts then i dont know
it would suck
Tell me what team had 3+ guys hit 25+ homeruns and drive in 90+ rbis last season.

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