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11-16-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by worraps View Post
Did you read it or do you just not like the author?

The article points out that the league is right about the players needing to take a shave but things have only gotten to this point due to Bettman's bungling.
The article pushes an empty, one-sided agenda. Not surprising, given who wrote it.

He bungled the last CBA by allowing long term contracts and an escalator.

What Gary got out of that lockout is more than any other league has gotten out of a PA in a single labor dispute. You're seriously suggesting he should have asked for more? That would have been a good way to ensure the lockout went longer than July 2005.

Nevermind that it's a hindsight argument, since long term contracts and front/back loaded deals could only become a serious problem with a rapidly increasing cap - which could only happen with rapidly increasing revenues. Nobody predicted a $1B jump in revenue over the life of that CBA. If the cap were $50 million, we would not have the same problems.

He bungled expansion by not understanding the markets he was entering.
Some of these markets are in trouble, but owners got massive expansion fees and players got a hundred plus new jobs. One or two markets on the brink doesn't erase the tangible financial benefit of a thirty club league.

Which, is kind of the primary function of his job as representive of the BoG.

I mean, I could see a point there if "buoying" these teams was actually a serious part of the owners agenda. It's not. It's the PA that's pushing huge revenue sharing, it's the PA that would be ammenable to a soft cap/no floor scenario. The NHL demands some degree of parity, they aren't here to guarantee success, they want a bigger slice of the pie across the board.

Which, every ounce of precedent and common sense says they should.

And he's bungled fostering any type of relationship with the PA.

Gary has got to go.
Goodenow was and Fehr is utterly piss poor at the same thing. It's a two way street.

The NHLPA didn't exactly do any favors to the relationship between the Owners and the PA by hiring a man who's biggest claim to fame was ensuring that financial parity remain an impossibility in another league.

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