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11-16-2012, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
This thread is hilarious. We really need the season to start. It seems people still have a sour taste in their mouths from Edler's horrible 5 game playoff performance against LA. Before that, he was known as a player who could elevate his game in the playoffs, don't forget that.

Do you guys remember how bad our PP was for the last ~50 games of last season? It was brutal, none of our typical PP scorers were producing. The result was the Sedins and Kesler having their worst season in years. Yet, despite that, Edler manages to put up 49 points from the back end (career high). How many points do you think Edler would have had if the PP would have clicked at it's usual pace all season? Or if the Sedins and Kesler would have scored closer to their usual pace? I think it would have been certainly possible for Edler to be in the high 50s in points given such a scenario.

Trading Edler is stupid, I can't put it lighter than that. He's played with a revolving door of different defensemen, none of which close to his calibur. Give him a solid partner and see what he can accomplish. It's widely recognized that defensemen often don't break out until late, most all-star defensemen weren't considered legit franchise calibur defensemen until their late 20's. Edler has 26 years old, we'd be stupid to move this guy before he puts it all together.

So all you are saying is Edler produces 50 pts and is a big part of our PP, so why should we trade him for another dman that produces more and is even a bigger PP threat?

How many points do you think byfuglien would put up in edler's role?

Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
Funny how I would've said the same about Bieksa before Hamhuis was acquired (and after Mitchell was gone from the team). I prefer to reserve judgement on Edler's defensive ability potential when his defensive partner isn't either Ehrhoff, an over the hill Salo, or Ballard (or other simliar player).
So we need to reserve judgement until he gets someone to cover for his mistakes like how hamhuis is covering for bieksa?

The fact that he needs someone good defensively to play with him shows how Edler is not great himself.

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