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11-16-2012, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by departures89 View Post
Im inclined to believe that Arencibia is a team leader which could be invaluable to the chemistry of the team. If another SP was acquired and Happ was made into a LR, I think that works better. (Just my opinion of course).

Obviously pitching is vital to team success (this year made that fact abundantly clear) but I just think that JPA still has some room to develop both offensively and defensively. Isn't he still young and controllable too?
The intangibles Arencibia brings are something Anthopolous will no doubt give careful consideration to in making any move. Hopefully between his overall roster moves and the new manager and staff he brings in, he'll be able to put together the right kind of culture where it won't necessarily rest on having one guy be the sole catalyst.

I should also point out that when Arencibia himself was coming up in 2010, it was Buck who showed him the ropes, gave him feedback and ensured he was included in each day's meeting between him and that day's starter. That last point, from what I gather, is quite unusual (typically it's just the catcher and starter alone, apparently). It's representative of the kind of guidance and leadership Buck shows.

While Arencibia could perhaps provide that example himself to d'Arnaud, he's still learning the position himself, and doesn't have Buck's wealth of experience to draw on. I don't know much about Wilson to know how he would fit in, but hopefully it won't be long before d'Arnaud forces himself into the MLB roster, making Wilson superfluous.

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