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11-16-2012, 09:52 PM
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Hey folks - I couldn't get the Auditor's Report to open on my Mac today. Will try on a PC tomorrow and attempt to translate for everyone as they can be a ***** to understand and explain to others. Hopefully there will be a year to year ledger providing more in-depth data in the report.

I am most curious about the point Wes mentioned regarding potentially much higher profits from hockey games over concerts for instance.

However keep in mind that this facility apparently has some stiff competition for shows in it's market, potentially driving down revenues from concerts and the like.

There is also the possibility they could have lost significant revenue from cancelations due to weather in 04/05, as that was a bad period for Hurricanes in the region. Can someone interested in the details maybe try to Google it? In particular, was the facility damaged and out of operation for a time?

Excited to actually have some real data to work with for once on understanding the economics of the Lockout!

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