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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Lupul just turned 29 (NOT 30), and there is no reason to believe that he won't be back.

- Sorry I was off by one year, anyways my point is he isn't a "young top 6 guy", he's smack in his prime, 3 years in and roughly 3-4 peak years left. IMO it's 50/50 if he'll be back or not, I hope he DOES come back but I'm also a realist and know there is just a good of a chance he'll not re-sign here.

Rielly will most likely be ready to make the team next year, assuming he gets a full junior year under his belt, and he is the type of player that can make an immediate impact.

- I wouldn't be so sure, I mean guys like Phaneuf/Gunnar/Liles/Gardiner/Holzer at this point are all ahead of him on the depth charts. He could make the team whenever the next season is but it's not a sure thing that he makes the first cut.

As for being a lottery team, it tells me that all the right pieces aren't in place or experienced enough yet. That is all. It is the impatient and small-picture people who see that fact as an automatic failure where all players involved are bad and responsible.
- Thank you for proving my point, you are correct the reason we ARE a lottery team is because the key components are not in place, now ask yourself WHO is responsible for that? Answer is Burke. Now look at it this way if your on the job and your a manager at a key corporation (lets say Toyota) and your job is to improve the business and 4 years in you do not make the right improvements I think it would be safe to say you'd be fired! Now I don't think Burke will be fired, I think he'll be given his full contract, but if at the end of his contract date and this leafs team is still utter sh-t, all bets are off about him coming back.

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