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11-16-2012, 10:21 PM
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Just got back from a Halifax Mooseheads game. I live in Hali and have gone to quite a few this year so I'll share some first hand thoughts on some prospects for what it's worth.

Droin especially has been really standing out. He had 4 assists tonight alone and is easily above a 2 point/game pace and could be the top scorer in the league if he wasn't injured for 6-7 games. His skills with the puck are already at elite level, especially being able to do what he does at top speed. I'll definitely say playing on Mackinnon's wing helps him out, but I don't think this is one of those cases where that's the only reason he's producing. I would be ecstatic if the yotes managed to get a pick high enough to get this guy, but like some others have said, I just don't know how well he fits in with Tippet. I think he is a little bit better defensively than a lot of people give him credit for from what I've seen, but he's still obviously tilted pretty hard to the offensive side of things.

Mackinnon is pretty much what everyone's been saying. He's got a bit of a bigger frame than Droin does and adds a bit of grit to his skill game. He's not afraid to finish a check but is smart enough to not take himself out of the play to do it. Again, he might not be the most defensively sound forward around, but he still can hold his own and can take the puck away from you like no one else. Him and Droin have actually been seeing quite a bit of PK time this year.

The biggest thing about both of them is how smart they are with the puck. They feed off each other immensely, and always seem to find each other's stick with great passes. I'm really lucky to be able to watch them both play together this year.

Fucale hasn't impressed me. He's slated to be one of the top goalies in the draft, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him fall in the rankings unless he steps up. He really doesn't get tested too often and lets in some softies (although the mooseheads are usually winning by a few by the time it happens). I wouldn't want to throw a first at him.

Anyways, those are just a few thoughts I had on those three guys from about 10 or more games of watching them first hand this year. I've also seen a few Moncton games (my hometown) and although I was excited to watch Melindy he hasn't really impressed me too much. I did watch Gormley come through Moncton quite a bit and Melindy is nowhere near his level. We're all in for a real treat when Gormley matures to NHL level I'm hoping!

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