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11-16-2012, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
we bail out banks, but not twinkies. theres something very wrong with this country
And here we all thought that Twinkies could survive a nuclear war. But apparently not a recession and strike.

Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
i'm going to pass on this juicy one as well. cowbell, if theres a HF Heaven, i'd better get my wings
Probably a good thing I wasn't here all day.

Originally Posted by Rhodes 81 View Post
This will never get old.

Originally Posted by BrodeurRULES View Post
I say let them go at it and whoever comes on tops wins. I am tired of having to get involved with that place. The whole world should just ignore them because all they want is our attention again. Just take out the innocent people and let them have at it.
Ya, that's not a good idea. The whole region is unstable, many foreign powers are entangled there (including us, China, and Russia) and many of the countries in the Middle East have access to nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, or soon will. "Letting them go at it" would be a quick way to start another World War.

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