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11-16-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
I dont know about that.

Prior history has had losing parties in that region licking their wounds, taking a few years, then resuming occasional sniping and missile attacks (aka status quo), not sure why anything would change.

One thing I am sure of, fill up your gas tanks tomorrow, because the price at the pump is going to increase Sunday morning.
The histories of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel definitely suggest that a prolonged insurgency would be the likely result of a war in the region, especially if the aforementioned entangled foreign powers use it as a proxy war.

The US armed forces experienced the Iraqi insurgency against occupation firsthand, and still there is sectarian violence there even after US troops have been withdrawn.

Afghanistan has withstood invasions by the Persians, the British, the Soviets, and now the US. The country cannot be held against insurgency without unacceptable losses resulting.

And in Israel, it seems like they're having another Intifada every couple years, and that's the result of a war and territorial changes that happened in 1967.

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