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11-17-2012, 12:05 AM
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Haggerty: NHL needs to stop embarrassment, close deal

So here’s some free advice to the NHL that comes a lot cheaper than Frank Luntz: quit this brinksmanship baloney that nobody is buying, get back to the negotiating table and give the players something that will truly allow them to believe they’re in a true partnership with the league. Allow Jeremy Jacobs to step up and take some level of credit for brokering a deal with the players that ended the lockout rather than his current role as JJ the lockout bus driver.
The players have already conceded they’re going to a 50/50 split of hockey revenues, and the league knows they have to come back to earth on revenue sharing, “making whole” and player contract rights before they can drop the puck. There’s a deal just waiting to be made.

NHL lockout: The owners' best idea is a whole lot of nothing

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