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11-17-2012, 01:26 AM
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Talk about strikes, Hostess company is shutting down and letting go of 18,500 workers because one of the two unions wouldn't agree to a new contract. Yup. One of the Unions agreed with Hostess, but the other didn't and all it did was shut down Hostess and 18,500 workers are now out of work just before the holidays. The unions were warned if they company didn't get back to work by Thursdays, then Hostess would have to shut down all their operations. Guess the union lost the bluff and all it did was cost 18,500 people their jobs. I thought making money was better than making no money?

Hmmmm... NHL vs PA union strike. The PA knows many teams are losing money year by year, but the PA won't budge on what they want. Fortunately, the strike should only last a year, at most. But if the Hostess example doesn't wring through the PA, then we're all stuck with low-res feed that sometimes comes in just to watch the Ads.

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