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11-17-2012, 12:31 AM
A storm is coming...
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
I am down in Phoenix with my family and today it was 78 degrees and perfect for a swim in the pool. I have to admit I needed a break from the lockout saga and since it's a non story down here it's the perfect get away. it's definatley taking longer than I thought and both sides are dug in......epic battle and such a waste of time, money, and brand equity.
I'm not sure ironic is the right word for the situation in Phoenix but does that seem kind of messed up to anyone else? Franchise hanging by a thread, league completely discombobulated at the moment and no one cares? Is it wrong to suggest that maybe it's fairly telling about the importance of hockey in certain markets?

As for Bettman's move, as frustrating as the two week layoff from negotiating is, has the NHLPA actually really shown up to negotiate or have they just been mostly holding their breath until they turn blue? Are they turning blue now?

Honestly still don't get their stance. I understand they don't want to give up $$, no one does. But did they really expect to win? Why not sit back and figure out meaningful ways to offset that salary rollback in terms of other perks or ways that would see increases over time to offset the initial pain? It worked for the last lockout, why not this one? Hey, I'm right there with them...I hate Bettman too but calling him every name in the book for 16 years didn't help bring the Jets back either. It took someone a little wiser, a lot calmer and who understood how to work the system.

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