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11-17-2012, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Kickassguy View Post
Ugh, Melky Cabrera. Lazy mofo. As a Braves fan I followed him pretty closely during his time in ATL and he was a complete waste of roster space before he hit the roids. Hope for the Jays sake he's past that.

Great trade, though. Saw a lot of Reyes with the Mets and Marlins in Atlanta's division - just an amazing player. And the pitching coming back speaks for itself. Arencibia has some upside too. Glad to have a reason to have interest in the Jays again.
He got better in Kansas...
And he was very good in San Francisco.
Being on a third team in 3 years would do that for you.

People are not sure what he is on.
They just detected a high amount of testosterone.

It's nice to see the baseball fans in Canada come out of the woodwork...
Even cooler to see baseball getting some attention even from non-fans.
Hopefully the season turns out well, and the Jays continue this momentum.

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