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11-17-2012, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Brody View Post
What would it cost to get Logan Morrison from the Marlins? Probably not a lot considering our last trade

But seriously, what would sane management ask for him?
I'm not sure they'd ask for much. His last couple of seasons have been pretty bad, and he's not much of an upgrade over Lind.

Originally Posted by oats View Post
People seem to forget that although I agree we could use more depth for pitching, guys like Cecil, Mcgowan, Hutchison, and Drabek are all capable of filling in if a starter gets hurt. I know they're more like 7-8 guys than #6 guys, but with 4 of them or so, I think we'd be fine even if we don't get more depth for pitching.
Considering the fact that Hutchison and Drabek are coming off Tommy-John surgery, highly unlikely. So there goes two of the guys, and McGowan has not done anything to show that he's capable of pitching in the big leagues, mostly because he's been injured for the longest time.

Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Is Cecil released? Can't remember if he has been or if that is just what everyone else wants.

The other 3 I believe are all currently injured, not sure on their return timetables.

We have guys who COULD fill in, it's just that they are injured and if we get into any more injuries we don't have much depth due to the injuries haha.
Cecil is in the pen.

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