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11-17-2012, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by mstad101 View Post
Considering that you are laying out every extreme there is I was only doing the same.
Do you honestly believe Gillis to sell Luongo at a discount?

Comeon if Luongo was Heatley, don't you think Gillis would have moved him before the CBA expired? Removing a problem like that would have been a better idea under the old CBA.
Luongo has been a true professional throughout this and has gone on record to working with Gillis and management very well.

There is no outside reason for Lu to want out, only since we have a younger cheaper and just as quality option is Lu even being discussed in trade. There was no public demand and there has been no bad blood between the tenders, both have expressed the utmost respect for one another. So please, explain how and outside perspective would know the two tenders many Canucks fans have been watching since 04 when Schneids was drafted and 06 when Luongo was acquired? I'd like to see who can tell me more about these guys that aren't their player agents, family or life long friends?
Amazing eh?

Who has more to lose on a stand-off on a (non existent) trade demand?

6+ million per year on Luongo's side.....or the evidently inevitable services of Lombardi, Colborne and some third rate D prospect for the Canucks?

I think an immediate trade demand would be met with an invitation for Lou to spend some quality time with his family in sunny Florida. And I think we'd be just fine. No better and no worse on the ice than if we moved him for the crap suggested by many people.

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