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Originally Posted by hbk View Post
Going to be some inquiry threads about Kessy very soon.

Eye opening televised performance.
This times a thousand.

Got to watch the game tonight and was really able to focus in on Kale. Absolutely love the guy's game, he could be the next Raffi if he makes it all the way to the NHL.

From one of his first shifts when one of the Pats(Stephenson I think?) tried to level him and Kale just absorbed the hit and dropped him all the way to the end he was a dominant physical presence every time he was on the ice. I actually didn't mind his two penalties at all (goaltender interference for crashing the net and unsportsmanlike for shoving a Pat into their bench after scoring a goal), though I guess he does have to watch himself a little considering his history with crossing the line(hence the 12 game suspension earlier this season).

Both of his goals showed he has a shot and isn't just a big lumbering oaf out there who can only throw his body around. He got time in all three situations and did decent work screening the goalie on the power play. The storyline that developed between Kale and Matt Hewitt was really entertaining too, as Kale made sure to give the Pats' goalie at least a bump whenever he was around the net. Including the interference penalty I counted three or four times throughout the game he made noticeable contact with the goalie, and I can back that as long as it doesn't result in penalties.

I'm not sure if it was just an optical illusion with how physical he was but to me he just seemed so big in stature compared to everyone else on the ice, even though he isn't even the largest skater on his team. I really liked his pursuit and effort in keeping Regina pinned back in their own zone on the penalty kill, reminded me of Winnik when he and Fiddler were running our PK. The only concern I had is that he seemed a little lax in his own zone. For as much as he was laying hits and poke checking to work pucks over the line and through the neutral zone, once the Pats had the puck deep he just seemed to float around in the center of the zone. I'll admit I'm still not the most educated on the nuances of hockey so that simply could have been the position they wanted him in, but I would have liked to see him fight on the boards a little bit more. Plus the Pats' goal to tie it at the end seemed to have been a guy he was defending, or at least that had skated past him. Again, I might not know what I'm talking about here, so feel free to correct me

Kale got named the 1st star of the night and rightfully so, really excited he chose the nationally broadcasted game to explode on.

Henrik and the Oil Kings are next week's game, making it what? The 4th game they've showed featuring a Coyotes prospect? 5 if you count the Oshawa game Lucas would have been in.

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