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11-17-2012, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
1. Thornton
2. Iginla
3. Elias
4. Alfredsson

I doubt anyone is going to debate 1 and 2, Thornton and Iginla were arguably the best players in the World during their peaks.

Elias scored 96 points in 2000-2001, when league wide scoring was at 5.51 goals per game. He was clearly his team's best forward and had the most points on his team by 13 points. He was 3rd in league wide scoring, behind Jaromir Jagr and Joe Sakic. Not that it's an incredibly meaningful statistic, but he was also +45 that year, a mark only surpassed by 4 players in the 11 seasons since then. Elias was a 1st team NHL All Star this season.

Alfredsson scored 103 points in 2005-2006, by far the highest scoring season since the mid 90s (6.17 goals per game). He was arguably only the 3rd best player on his line, which was definitely the NHL's best last season (some credit goes to him obviously, but you can't deny that playing with Heatley and Spezza is a huge boost). He was tied for 4th in league scoring (behind Thornton, Jagr and Ovechkin) with linemate Dany Heatley. Alfredsson was a 2nd team NHL All Star this season.
Lol... Alfredsson was the main reason that line functioned the way it did.

Of all the players mentioned, at their peaks, Alfredsson is the best all-around player. An all-around player scoring 100 points is pretty ****ing amazing.


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