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Game: HF Fixes The Lockout

I mentioned this in the sticky thread the other day and it got some support, so I thought, why not? If you're interested in joining, please read the rules below carefully and sign up for a team.

HF Fixes The Lockout

How to win: The first goal of the game is simple -- agree upon a new CBA before time runs out. When a new CBA is agreed upon and announced, the game ends.

When the real-life CBA is agreed upon, we will compare it to the one negotiated here and determine which team did better compared to their real-life counterparts.

How to lose: If the clock expires without an agreement, both teams lose. Their imaginary constituencies get nothing and they will be lampooned mercilessly, yet tastefully, in this thread.

Time Limit: The teams will have an initial 24 hours to "huddle" and prepare for negotiations. From the moment the game begins, the teams will have exactly 48 hours to negotiate and mutually announce an agreement.

Both teams must announce their agreement in this thread in order to win the game.

Teams: There are two teams in the game, corresponding with the NHLPA and the owners. Each team should have 3-5 players who each have an equal say in their team's decisions.

Strong candidates for this game are regular Business of Hockey forumers who understand the issues in play. I can think about about half a dozen daily BoH contributors who really should be involved, due to both their knowledge and their passion for the subject. (you know who you are!)

It would be ideal if we could get a mod on each team, both on a rah-rah level and also for the pragmatic purpose of being able to send group PMs. These mods would have the honor (?) of being our "Bettman" and "Fehr".

Negotiations: The two teams are responsible for all negotiations. There is no mediator, though I am available as the administrator of the game. Communications may be done privately or publicly. Site rules apply. Keep in mind that we are here to have fun and make friends.

Factors to be agreed upon: In order to streamline negotiations, we will limit the potential bargaining chips to the following:

Core Economic Issues
- Splitting up revenue between players and owners
- Current player contracts
- Calculation of the salary cap and floor
- Revenue sharing
- [suggestions?]

Player Rights
- Contract limits
- UFA/RFA ages and rights
- Arbitration rights
- Trades and waivers
- Bonuses
- [suggestions?]

It is not necessary for all of these items to be bargained, but they need to be agreed upon in the final deal. We will ignore fringe benefits like travel conditions and medical options, for the sake of simplicity.


Initial signups begin immediately. Simply post your intentions in this thread and indicate which side you'd like to join. We will begin when each side has 3-5 players. If there are somehow more than enough participants, we can always do multiple games, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

The game will tentatively start on Monday, with the 48-hour clock beginning Tuesday. Please take a roster spot only if you can commit to a decent amount of interaction with your team during this timeframe.

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