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11-17-2012, 03:36 AM
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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
some real good posts in here, I was glad to read that some people do still have common sense on this issue.

I really cant see how anyone could side with the players on this at all. This is why millionaire athletes simply do not belong unionized. There is no reason for these guys to be a part of a union in 2012. The days of the 1940's and 50's are long gone, and players contracts are at an all-time high.

With unions going by the wayside left and right, you would think that this union mentality would be disbanded and moved on from from the sports world. All these unions do is employ fat cat do nothings that get paid whether there is an actual season or not. I have worked in a union environment for years at a distribution center for Jewel-Osco, and my father is a union forklift driver as well... so I understand at times why the average man believes they need a union to fight for their rights and income....

.....but we are not talking about average men. We are talking about men who have $50-100 million who make more in a year then most of us will see in a lifetime...and you know what the saddest part of this is??? none of these players care about who actually employs them. I havent seen any player going out of his way apologizing to us the fans. this misconception as to who the players employers really are is maddening. we are the schmucks that pay our hard earned money to see these guys, which in turn pays their salaries. the fans are the players actual employers because if we dont show up, and they dont have fans to pay their salaries, they dont have a league. Pretty damn simple.

and to end this long post, I guess maybe that is what needs to happen is that we the fans need to step up and tell our employees enough is enough and we arent going to pay for you anymore. if there is a season this year, just dont show up....ever! since these millionaire athletes give so much care to us and understand who actually pays for their lifestyle, let reality hit them right in the face when the puck drops and all the arenas look as empty as US CELL park on a Tuesday.

The owners are a-holes too, so dont get me started. they are their own worst enemies as well as they are the idiots that started handing out these outrageous contracts years ago and now they have to live with this.

It is millionaire vs billionaire, and the only people that get hurt is us the fans. When we the fans realize that we have the ultimate power and control both the owners and players destiny, only then can we put an end to this nonsense. But that will never happen because we could never band together against such atrocities....ya know, like a UNION would??? hmmmm, maybe thats what we need, a union for the fans....local 725 Union for the fans....interesting!!
What you're saying is true - but without the union/a cba the NHL would have trouble maintaining business functions in the way it does b/c it would start to run afoul of anti-trust rules (and encounter a bunch of other legal issues).

In large part, the current structure of the NHL is built around the fact there's a union - and if you remove unionization you'd cause a lot of problems.

I'm not saying that the players are equivalent to the guys going down the mine - but understand if you took away the NHLPA you'd be introducing a whole host of problems.

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