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11-17-2012, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Not to pile on, but Anson Carter is not the same as Burrows at all.
tarheel is too smart to actually believe what he was saying, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I guess now I'll make a pick that could be subject to some ridicule...

Even though he's not known for it, better goals per game and points per game than Burrows. In fact, about .32 goals per game over the last four seasons. A fearless shot blocker, a player that plays against top competition quite often, a great leader, tireless worker, sublime penalty killer and fine goal-scorer...

Selke: 4th (6 first place votes), 10th and 64th once

C/RW Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan seen here doing man things.

Next pick forthcoming...
He's got all the tools; the only questionable part is the fairly low GP total - he's still building his track record.

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
Really depends, McCarty brings a different skillset than Lapointe. Lapointe was probably better as top-6 glue guy while I think McCarty were better as a physical presence on a mid-6 line. I also think that McCarty brought more leadership to the table than Lapointe did. Depending on who you already have on your team I doubt you could go wrong with either of them.
By the way, McCarty was a prime example of a player I was thinking you could have had when you took McClelland. I don't see any reason one would take McClelland over him.

Originally Posted by BudsBuster View Post
To add some more sand paper, Pk capabilities if need be, a physical guy full of grit RW KElly Buchberger.
Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
The Macon Whoopee select Matthew Barnaby, RW.

LOL! The two worst fighters of all-time with 150+ fights get taken within 20 minutes of eachother!

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
The only thing I disagree with is this... He does score a little more than Burrows over the last 4 years, but he's on New York's first PP unit. I think he actually has been their leading PP goalscorer over the past 3 seasons. Burrows, on the other hand, received only spot-duty on the PP until last season when he managed to earn 2nd unit time. Why does that matter? Well, Burrows won't get much PP time with us, and I assume Callahan won't get much with you. That's going to significanty take away from Callahan's production, while it won't impact Burrows nearly as much.
Yeah, you're definitely right there.

Burrows has maintained a 45 ESP/season average over 522 games, while Callahan has averaged 38 over 360.

I think I actually wanted him moer than McCarty.

Seventies had convinced me that McCarty was a better 4th liner, but I still thought Buchberger brought a little more to the table with his PK abilities. McCarty might be the best 4th liner in the draft, but that's all he can do.
Nah, you're crazy

Even in the AAA, you should only want to use Buchberger on the PK if you're desperate.

then again, we want toughness and a guy to play the PK, so... maybe we are desperate!

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