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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I'd hesitate to say for sure that he or Turco was actually "outplaying" Belfour
I'd definitely say that Turco was outplaying him in Dallas, but from 2001-2003, Turco might have been the most consistent regular season goalie in the league (only Cechmanek and Burke strike me as contenders to such a claim).

Hackett in 1996 and 1997 as well (he played 76 games for Chicago in those two seasons to Belfour's 83), but that was really the low point of Belfour's regular season career - but Hackett was subsequently torn to shreds by Joe Sakic in the playoffs.

Belfour - Save Percentage, Save Percentage Among Top-20 in GP
1991: 1st, 1st
1992: 11th, 8th
1993: 3rd, 3rd
1994: 13th, 8th
1995: 15th, 9th
1996: 21st, 16th
1997: 26th, -
1998: 8th, 7th
1999: 10th, 7th
2000: 1st, 1st
2001: 24th, 13th
2002: 39th, 20th
2003: 5th, 3rd
2004: 13th, 7th
2006: 40th, 18th
2007: 31st, 18th

Honestly, if it wasn't for his consistently great playoffs in the mid/late-1990s, he might not have been remembered as more than an early-peak player with a post-twenties slump and two career revivals in two new cities.

Very inconsistent in the regular season, but come Spring, he came to play. He actually has a higher percentage of quality games in the playoffs than Martin Brodeur, which isn't exactly an easy thing to claim.

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