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Originally Posted by BlueBaron View Post
Name one NHL player in the last decade who has asked to be traded who wasn't and you may have a point, The problem is exactly 0 have been held against their will. Do you just think the other GM's arent as smart as yours or do you think maybe there is a reason for it that some Canuck fans just choose to ignore ?
From my understanding, from a TSN insider, I believe Dregs, and Ray ferraro it actually happens fairly often. Ray pretty much laid it out, you have a contract, your options are limited. Also Heatly is a bad example as I believe he had a NMC, so he could dictate a lot more with less consequences. Really Ottawa could only trade him to the team he wanted or suspend him. The Canucks can ask for the five teams, or waive, suspend, put him in the minors.

Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
Would never happen to a high profile athlete. The other side of the coin is Lu sits and eats up 5.3m a year, plays poorly or at the very least half heatedly, and is an issue in the locker room. That's the problem, you can't just tell a superstar "deal with it or go home" when they have such influence over the team in various ways.

Now I'm not saying any of this is going to happen and these extremes of an argument of kind of silly, but it's true... the opportunity to trade Luongo [who will be traded] is on a timeline. Lu has a lot of power in this scenario for the reasons listed above.

It's in Gillis's best interest to do a deal soon while he still has some control.
So let me get this straight, we can't guess for the best, despite what has happened with our own player so far, and what he has said, but you can make leaps and bounds based on what hopes and dreams?

I think Lui will be traded, and I think it will happen pretty quick once the NHL starts back up again, unless we lose a couple of seasons or something drastic, but realistically the Canucks could keep lui for a few years, with Shnieds. Also not saying that would be in our best interest, just stating that it is more than possible, even with a cap shrinking 10 mill.

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