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12-08-2003, 11:40 PM
Joe Maximum
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Jesus Fn C**** are you sheep just all waiting for Bob Gainey to come out and defend rivet before you stop the pointless bashing?????

The whole point of having a system in a team is to know that everyone has a role and if everyone plays it right, it works. As stated earlier, the first goal was Bulis' fault. He kinda looked lost all night long, stuck between offensive and defensive mode ( can't really blame him considering he'S been the team hole filler, CJ has to settle down and give poor Jan a bit of stability in his role ). That second goal was Bouillon's fault. I know many of you love Bouillon, but while he is the most intense player, that still doesn't make him the most effective.Just because he shows 200 % effort doesn't make him a perfect player ( if work ethic alone was enough to make it in the NHL, Pierre Sevigny would be a hall of famer ) . ANd on the third goal, you can't really blame rivet. If he was to go pressure Leclair, he would have only done the wrong thing by adding to the screen. What Rivet did was the right thing, ask any goalie what they would rather have their D do in a similar situation, and 99% would tell you they'd rather have the D-man close to the crease to clear a dangerous rebound and let them get the best view possible on the shot. And why the hell are we even debating about who's fault the 3rd goal was when WE ALL AGREE IT WAS A LUCKY GOAL.

Tuggy have you ever played in net? I can guarantee you that Garon would have been 1000 x more pissed had Rivet been bothering leclair on that play, because by bothering leclair he just crowds his view of the shot, and simply gives an easy shot to ragnarsson.

If you're gonna play the blame game, why not blame mr puck hog zednik who at least at 2 occasions I can remember took shots when Dags or Ribs obviously had a better shot? why not blame Ryder for not burying that 3 on 1 ? why not blame Captain Koivu for not making that a tape to tape pass to Ryder ( that shot came off weak because the pass was wobbly look at the replays ).

Hockey is a team sport. It's easy to isolate all the one and one battles and try and take 1 player to be a scapegoat, but the bottom line is, the team lost, and tonight it couldn't be blamed on one player. We saw a total team effort tonight, and we should be happy about that.

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