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11-17-2012, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by CTKingsFan View Post
While at work I went to watch the Monarchs-Bruins game today on AHL live and it was completely different! Bigger screen, better resolution. The window it popped up in had fast forward and rewind features as well as scoreboard display and the game was being shot on broadcast camera instead of a feed from the scoreboard.

Anyone else have this upgrade? I watch the monarchs game on wednesday and it was the same old crappy feed, but tonight it was great! watchable! Was even able to watch the game without sound (due to being at work)
I hate to piss on your parade but nothing has been upgraded.

The feeds are all based on the home team. What you are seeing is the product the Providence Bruins produce. I have heard the one for the Texas Stars is very good as well. But most will be the same old crappy feeds, some worse than others.

Last night I watched Abbotsford @ Rochester and the quality was no better than poor quality of the Heat home games. The worst part of AHL Live for me is some of the commentators, the guy last night for Rochester would have been decent if you wasn't a blind homer, I mean I expect a homer but the dude at one point was making it sound like the only reason the Ameriks are only .500 because teams play them harder than other teams because they are so good. Of course them losing had nothing to do with playing the team that is currently #1 in the AHL, nah that would be crazy!

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