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11-17-2012, 08:43 AM
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I thought Avtsin played a real good north american game last night! He dumped the puck when no option, he was forechecking hard, he played good along the boards on the breakout and crashed the net which got him 2 pts. Definitely did not look like a Russian trying to adapt.

Corbin; he played a good game but the praise has to stop here. The guy handles the puck like a grenade in his own zone. Countless of times he just rimmed the puck on the boards hoping for a teammate to be there. He does not have anything else that is elite to the point where it is acceptable to rim the puck like that on breakouts. It gives the other team the puck possession most of the times and personally, I hate when D's do this. It just ruins the progression for a quick attack.

Beaulieu: Good on Lefebvre to give his message. When things are not going too well, showing frustration in your play is the worst thing to do. What I hate from TVA sports and people saying he's playing bad defensively; The last game versus the Americans, he was -3 on two 3vs2 where the forwards didn't read the play well on the backcheck leaving a guy all alone (3vs2 are not Dman's fault because when well executed, they can't prevent a good scoring chance) and his other minus was on a lost draw with a shot from the point. How is that poor defense? I know he hasn't been great, but looking at the numbers really do not tell how the goals were scored. Now, Beaulieu is one of the few (Pateryn was doing it also) to actively trying to reach a teammate's stick on breakouts. He will accept the check to make his play and not make the coward move of rimming the puck not to get hit. However, he holds on a bit to long to be really effective, but he will definitely adapt. What he really needs to work on: his shot accuracy and he needs to shoot it faster.

Gallagher: Love this kid, everything has been said about him. I pity those on his line that constantly have to get him off the opposite goalie in scrums lol.

Bournival: He really got his jump back, particularly in the neutral zone. When the kid is using his speed, we can really see the confidence growing.

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