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11-17-2012, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
So Gary wanted lowered UFA age? Gary wanted lowered RFA age? Gary wanted 54-57% players' share?


If you make claims that NHL got all it wanted, you better prove those claims. And in thise case, you can't prove it in any way.

Yes, they got the linkage, they got the salary cap but they didn't get all they wanted.

I agree with you the owners didn't all they wanted last, but they got their 2 biggest priorities...lingage and a hard salary cap.

For this thing to get settled the owners will again need to get their # 1 priority...50/50 HRR with continued linkage and without some crazy minded the owners have to pay for all the damages of a lockout. IMO the owners will eventually give on most contract rights issues, except for the 5% varience on contracts which is their main need.

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