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11-17-2012, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
The players are not that stupid, don't you think they've got friends, much family, advisors, agents, etc. that they consult with about the situation? Please for people to insinuate 3 times each page that the families etc. are that ignorant is preposterous.

No one here has answered why 80% of posters in this thread hate/blame the players. Most of the people here I've never seen comment on actual hockey in the NHL forum. Do you really love professional hockey or just here to spout blind hatred for the "imbecilic" players you supposedly care about watching play? Are you just jealous haters? Oh wait, you love the emblem on the sweater, not the players? As time passes new players fill that jersey, they make a team what it is. Players are not going to be taken advantage of like the 1950's.

It's impossible for players, who make an avereage of 2.5 mil a year and can only work 10 years, to be the greedy ones here. All they ask is for a shred of respect and some consolation as a sign of who truly is the NHL, just like a factory is run by its workers, a factory IS its workers. Why can't the owners bend just a little and get the fans back their games? It's not the players fault the owners are so cutthroat by not properly sharing revenues among themselves. Bettman and the owners make me sick.

Does anyone in the BOH even comprehend that a billionaire makes 1000 times that of a millionaire?? It's like I make 30,000 a year and you make 30 million, how can you not pay for our dinner? Owners should view their team as entertainment, If I pay $1500 a year for hockey a billionaire can can lose 50 million, that's fair right? It should be but in this sick world we glorify the sociopath mega-capitalists as heroes and philanthropists while demonizing a group of elite athletes that just want their fair share.

There is some bad blood brewing and I won't be suprised if there is no season. Why can't the blind, arrogant, greedy, filthy rich owners see how little they need to concede to get these boys playing again? I blame the owners for this lockout, 100%. Sometimes I feel I could care less if there is an NHL ever. I wouldn't play for these fat pigs. The owners don't deserve to be involved in this league.

I don't what it is like in your world, but in the REAL world factory workers don't tell factory owners how to run their factories!

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