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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I don't think this is Bettman's doing at all. He is going along with the owners who I personally fully support. The players have long been claiming a huge share of the profits without taking any of the monetary risks involved. Far more than NFL and NBA players. I've never seen a player, after a bad year, just hand money back to the team. A team has a bad year (at the gate for whatever reason) and they are in the red.

I personally think that hockey players, generally speaking, are less educated than NFL and NBA players who at least attend some form of college/higher education across the board. Some NHL players do but not all that many.

This makes it easy for them to be duped by the likes of Fehr.
Love ya bro, but you're not convincing me.

The owners won the last lockout, and they got what they wanted.

How can getting what they wanted be unfair to them?

The reality? The NHL is making record profits as to revenue. Their losses are all due to their own stupidity.

Example: Minnesota's Craig Leopold hands out a $98-million,13-year deal to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise ( front-loaded, no less) last summer.

Remember the Duck's bidding war against the Red Wings for Fedorov? Literally, 3 months after, they were crying about being unable to meet payroll.

One owner raised Jagr's inflated salary for 7 years before he played a single game for them. Anyone remember what team that was?

Gotta agree with the players. Why should they foot the bill for the owner's stupidity?

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