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11-17-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
I can see them ramming this through, knowing the possible ramifications, then when it DOES go through the ramifications, Clarke and co saying to who or whatever interests "hey, we did our part, we put it through-we've done our responsibility, sorry it's going to end up going to court/overturned/shredded 7 ways to Sunday, but it's not our problem anymore"
I agree with this. I think that they'll try to approve this lease before the council term ends, but I can't see it going smoothly after that. It seems likely that Jamison will have a fairly antagonistic mayor and council to deal with thereafter, with the following possible negative outcomes:

1) The new council overturns the lease before it is finalized and signed.
2) A petition drive is mounted to send this to a referendum, putting the deal in limbo.
3) A legal challenge is mounted to overturn this on the basis of the gift clause.

I think that likelihood of at least one of these happening is quite high. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Jamison sees this. Maybe he has no options, because his investors won't accept any less in the lease and the NHL won't reduce the sale price. But I think that unless he finds a way to alter the deal and his relationship with opponents in Glendale, I think this will end badly.

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